The recent growth of more and more people wanting to escape city life and live in a more sustainable environment has led to the expansion of the alternative living communities. Many more people are also home educating outside of the traditional system. Tanya Moore presents interesting models and educational methods that are particularly suitable for community life. She shares her stories and experiences from her recent trips to the Anastasia school in Russia and The Green School in Bali.

Tanya Moore, Educator and Healer, brings a fresh approach to learning that is fun, fast and effective. Her experience in mainstream schooling has led her to create her own system of 5 dimensional learning that can be applied to all manner of subjects and activities. She has now begun her personal journey to bring educators together from across the globe to form what she calls ‘Inner Spark Education’, an organization that intends to shift the way people across the planet learn together; with positive, empowering and sustainable educational systems